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Our extensive expertise and wide-ranging experience enable us to compile the most effective transport solutions for your goods flow.

Our Freight services include End to End solutions comprising of Air Freight services, Ocean freight services along with a dedicated team to handle project shipments. With the addition of Technology support our services are truly the one-stop-shop service center for all your logistics and courier requirements, irrespective of the size of your cargo and the mode of cargo flow within India and around the globe.

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Our Journey

Our Journey started up 2009 with just 1 employee who had a similar vision as mine. With a hand full of clients such as Beetel, Spice Mobile and Nicola we ran a small office. In 2011 we got an opportunity to work into the retail sector which was a step ahead to learn many new things and challenge our capabilities. With our first warehouse of 1,000 Sq. Ft. It opened multiple doors for us and with the fabulous team we grew this to a team of 15 employees within no time. Registering our firm as private limited was an abrupt decision but worth it, It gave us a boost and asked us to go an extra mile to reach our goals.

We are now a team of 50 Full time Employees and 20 contracts based with almost a +100 vendors with +1000 clients till date and millions of consignments delivered at the right time and right place. Our Vision for our clients is that we consider you as family rather than a client, we will always take an extra mile for you and we expect the clients to receive us with love. S V Logistics And Services Pvt Ltd is the platform one looks for growth. We promise our employees total satisfaction and career growth considering their want to get to that level.


Started with just 1 person in the team.


Got our first financial funding and we extended our services.


Hired the best resources to develop the team strength and covered most areas in and around Pune.


A big initial investment and we extended our warehousing to 40,000 sq. ft. with covering Entire Maharashtra, MP, Goa & Gujrat.

Happy Clients

+ 1000

Introducing Our Logo

Let's take a quick peep into what it stands for:

  • The letter 'S' can be seen prominently if we see all the shapes together.
  • The most important thing you see is the 'V'. It acts as a platform and a sturdy base that every organization needs. 'V' stands for VIJYA, my mother who is my strength and my backbone to move forward.
  • Further, you'll see two arrows - one facing Upwards and the other Downwards. These represent the Inward and Outward process of S V Logistics and Services. These also indicate the endless possibilities of services we plan to offer.
  • The arrow pointing Upwards also looks like a Roof - Representing a warehouse which is also a part of our services.

Let’s join hands together to boost your business at your ease

Our Team Pillars

Mr. Chandrakant Shete (Mama)


Mr. Nikhil Shete


Mrs. Madhuri Hawale

Director/ Accounts Head

Future Goals - 2030

All Over India

We aim at being able to transport all over India by 2030 including states with lesser delivery possibilities.

Yearly Revenue

We aim at at-least 80% growth in our yearly revenue by 2030 with clientele nothing less than a few thousand.

Overall Strength

We aim at being present in almost all the states in India with an employee strength of more than a thousand.